Nagashima Resort: Nabana no Sato and Nagashima Spaland

Planning your dream Japan vacation for winter or spring? Why not allot 2 days of your stay to experience what Mie Prefecture can offer? Visit Nagashima Resort for a flower festival & illumination, and also for the best amusement park for roller coasters in western Japan.

Nara: Home of Gods’ Messengers

Visiting Kansai region wouldn’t be complete without having a sidetrip to Nara in Nara prefecture which occupies the northern part and borders Kyoto prefecture. It is located just less than an hour from Kyoto and Osaka. So why not make the best of your Kansai visit and find out how beautiful this city is?

Best of Kyoto in One Day

Kyoto will bring you wide range of choices of scenic places and tourist spots to choose from. With its 2,000 religious places (1,600 Buddhist temples and 400 Shinto shrines), together with its palaces, architecture preservations and gardens, Kyoto is a place you can’t get enough of and will surely make you come back as soon as you’ll be home from your trip. As for my one-day trip to Kyoto, here is the list for the sites/temples to visit and enjoy.