Thailand — Itinerary, Accommodation, Transportation Guide and Tips

I always sought to be personally and wholly involved in planning my travels. I have specific wants where to go and what to experience. Also, I tried to have allowances in between schedules ‘coz where’s the adventure if you try to plan everything, right? I wanted it to be organized yet still flexible for whatever might be better and let the fun flow naturally. So for this blog post, I’ll share to you my D-I-Y itinerary, transportation guides, accommodation(s) and some tips how to have a smooth escape in The Land of Smiles — The Kingdom of Thailand.


Dahilayan Adventure Park – How to Get There

Getting to Dahilayan Adventure and/or Forest Park needs proper planning. You need to plan the time and means to get there for you not to ruin your whole itinerary. Since the adventure park closes at 5pm, you need to be there as early as it opens.