Bonna May believes that the world is full of wonders waiting to be explored and wandered. Most of her posts were all about her travel journals yet you can also have a sneak peek on her odd thoughts created at the peak of extreme emotions. She’s a perfect example of an outgoing introvert; an ambivert who finds her inner peace through traveling or staying home, whichever suits her mood. She had studied numbers (a Certified Public Accountant by profession) but being a nomad was her dream. She’s a picky eater though, a horrible one, which hinders her to fulfill such life goal. Even so, she’s taking her steps one at a time. Little progress is still a progress, right?

This lady’s travel style is frugal without putting comfort in jeopardy. Her travel goal is to have her best vacations from her trips. She travels in a budget but she doesn’t mind spending some bucks if it makes her happier; if her money permits her, of course. It’s not about always how much she saves but how much she has been happy with where she’d gone (and what she’d done).

Her most favorite seasons to travel are during springs and autumns. Though she sees snowfalls as magical as they can be, she despises how hassle to pack things and shivering to roam around during winter trips. Also, as easy and light packing things up during summer, she’s not fond of being exposed to the scorching heat of the sun. (Yeah, guess you should know by now she’s not a beach bum lady.)

Having a mole on her foot, she thinks she’s really destined to travel the world (Yes! As ambitious as she is!). With full things to do on her bucket list, let’s Enjoy and have fun! with her as she discovers the beauty of the earth, one by one.

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