My Top 5 Places to See Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji will be a forever representation of Japan. It’s not “Japan” if there’s no Mt. Fuji, I must say. This majestic beauty was recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Cultural Site as it has inspired and influenced Japanese people’s culture for centuries. It seems that you’d never been to the Land of sushi and sashimi if you didn’t have the chance to see it in full. 😉

Fujisan, as the locals call it, lies in between two prefectures: Yamanashi and Shizuoka. There are some spots around these 2 prefectures that Fujisan’s splendor will leave you in awe.

Here are my top 5 picks (as of post date):

5) Hakone Seiroku Mishima Suspension Bridge (Mishima Skywalk)

This is a gigantic suspension bridge which has a total length of 400m and known to be the longest suspension bridge in Japan. It’s a picturesque scenery spot where you can see Mt. Fuji. Try to visit in the morning as the mountain is especially beautiful at around nine. One can also enjoy a thrilling experience while trying the Long Zip Slide. A café and restaurant can also be found around.

  • Fees: Jpy1,000
  • Hours: 9:00-17:00

4) Chureito Pagoda in Arakuyama Sengen Park

This pagoda is at a mountainside overlooking Fujiyoshida City and Mt. Fuji in a distance. It can be reached thru sweating out for 398 steps going to the top. The spot is famous for foreigners and expect a big crowd during cherry blossom and autumn seasons. It’s also one of the spots to take some of the superbly stereotypical shots of the well-known mountain.

  • Fees: FREE
  • Hours: 00:01 to 24:00 *yep! 24 hours!*
  • Tip: Walk thru the stairs rather than park your car at the nearest lot to the pagoda. There are photo op when you choose the former.

3) Fujinomiya 5th Station, Fujinomiya Trail

At 2,400 meters ASL, this station is the highest of all fifth stations (Fuji Subaru Line 5th station as the other) and the Fujinomiya trail is the shortest route up Mt. Fuji. Here, you cannot see Mt. Fuji in its full glory but can actually see its summit; 1,376m more and you’ll be at it. I have been wondering and dreaming to climb this tallest mountain in Japan but upon reaching its 5th station, I rested my case. My heart is full and I think looking up from where we were was enough. (I’m still open for the idea that I would do it someday.. but for now, my dreamy heart was already satisfied.)

Getting there was not a walk in the park. The Fujisan Skyline which is what the winding road to the 5th station is called, was used to be a toll road. Fortunately, it is now free to use. Just make sure your cars are able to do it and let you safely reach the destination.

2) Lake Shoji Shore

One of the five lakes and I guess pictures taken were enough to convince you. Shores of the Fuji Five Lakes (Kawaguchiko, Yamanakako, Saiko, Shojiko and Motosuko) are indeed not to be missed. They were not named as Fuji Five Lakes for nothing. Lake Shoji is the smallest of the five but offers one of the best views. It didn’t disappoint.

Fuji Five Lakes public transpo guide:

1) Lake Yamanaka Shore

I think it’s in relation to the emotion I felt when I saw Fujisan when I was there why I’ve chosen this as my No. 1 in the list. It’s unbelievably dramatic and stunning. Perhaps because it’s in the early hours of the day and as if Mt. Fuji was telling us there’s absolutely good in mornings. We stayed in one of Yamanakako’s hotels and Fujisan can actually be seen from our own room’s window. Still wanted to see it up close, we went outside and just looked at it and admired its beauty in silence in our pajamas (at 5-6 AM of spring season). It was truly a wonderful trip ‘coz I enjoyed it together with the family.

There are countless of sites on the internet that tell and claim where you should go to have the best views of this renowned mountain. Even so, I think it’s about the impression and memories it gave you upon seeing it while at these specific spots. Regardless of the pictures taken and the list given, it’s how you felt and gave your admiration back to this amazing creation God had made.

Enjoy and have fun! 🙂

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