5 Bible Verses to Keep the Joy and Faith While Waiting for “The One”

I’m 25, will be 26 few months from now. At some point, it’s tiring to hear: “Why are you still single?”, “Don’t you have any plans to get married?”, “Are you too picky in choosing your partner that’s why you’re still single?” and the list goes on…

As a lady following Christ, there’s a need to pray for EVERYTHING. No exemptions. Every issue also in this lifetime should be consulted to the Holy Book. It’s the only book we could rely on in every situation we are in — may it be in blissful times or when getting through the dark valleys of life. In walking thru this Christian living, we get to be tempted to swerve from what God has in stored for us; that’s why prayers and perspicacity is our weapon when we find ourselves in sudden crossroads along the way. Bible verses also keep us guided and a big help in times of uncertainties. So for today’s post, I’ll share to you how I kept my faith intact and still be joyful while waiting for “the one” through God’s words.

1. Jeremiah 17:9. “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?”

We often regret things that were decided based on mere feelings and emotions. We tend to desire things which will destroy us in the end. Don’t be deceived, don’t be fooled. When confused, we shouldn’t let our own stance rule over His will for us just because we believe our hearts know what they want. Instead, follow Proverbs 3:5 and Proverbs 4:23; lift and surrender all to the Lord most especially our hearts. We are given brains and ability to think for a purpose, we should use it as it should be.


Years ago, I had let my own heart tricked me. I chased a person God is trying to pull away from me. I kept on following what my heart really desired and had let my own understanding prevailed over His. I kept on reopening a page God had wanted me to close. He wanted me to proceed to the next chapter yet I kept on coming back, wanting more from that person. I didn’t understand His purpose.

Not until… I have known Him more. He did it to save me from destruction, to save my self-worth.

At present, I no longer stick to “follow your heart” but instead, I pray that I can and will “follow His will”. I may like someone at some point in time but I always pray that His will be done over us, no matter who that person might be.


2. 2 Corinthians 6:14. “Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?”

Christian ladies, we should not settle for anything less than we deserve. From the very beginning we surrendered everything to Him, we must know our worth. We’re worth more than diamonds and pearls, we’re worth His only Son’s life. Jesus sacrificed His life for us – more than swimming across oceans; then why should we settle for a man that wouldn’t even jump a puddle for us? It’s not having our standards, it’s taking care of ourselves from worldly temptations brought by men not sent by God. Not just because we’re too late for our age as society says so, we settle ourselves to just “somebody” presented in front of us.  We must believe in God and to His promises. He’s always faithful. Remember that there’s no “early” nor “late” in God’s timeline. His timing is always perfect.


Way before, I hate waiting. Who doesn’t, anyway? I was so immature wanting to have the things I desire immediately. It was so difficult to remain calm and wait for things to happen. I wanted sudden results and how I despised that “time” needed to get in the way. I got my lessons the hard way when my heart’s broken every instance because of impulsive decisions.  I don’t want to do the same mistake of rushing things and then still fail. After being hurt, I keep on guarding my heart as much as I could and let God take over.

Now, I cringe on what my past self did. It was so destructive but I thank God for I let Him do the healing. Broken things become blessings if you let God do the mending. I get kilig when I think about the soul God wanted me to share with in this lifetime. He has the best gifts to those who patiently wait. “The One” for me is someone who has my heart and I have his also, but together, our hearts belong to Jesus. Relationships should draw me closer to Christ, not closer to sin. I don’t want to compromise my faith just to keep anyone. A God-centered relationship is definitely worth the wait.

3. Mark 11:24. “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours.”

Ladies, relationships need a lot of prayer. We should pray when we see someone we’re attracted to. We should pray when it seems that they like us, too. Or if we haven’t found any yet, we must start our search with prayer. While waiting for our prayers to be answered, we must pray also that God will help us prepare on meeting Him. We shouldn’t seek and look for that “person”, we should focus ourselves to Him instead. The Lord will bring those who are meant for us no matter how shy we are, no matter how passive individuals we are. We should never feel insecure and unworthy to be loved just because we don’t have someone YET to share our lives with. He will open a door for each of us who are consistent in our prayers and faith. Pray for patience, peace and comfort while waiting.


It may be hard to admit but I lost my self-worth before. I felt that I was never enough for someone, losing my self-esteem. The situation made me lose my confidence that I don’t deserve what my heart really desired. However, with prayers and security from God’s promises, I earn it back. There’s no need for me to feel down ‘coz God fearfully, wonderfully and perfectly made me. Thus, trusting Him to provide a beautifully made man for me becomes spontaneous. God just used the circumstances I’ve been into before to drive me in prayer. He wants me to keep knocking until one day He’s ready to say: “There he is! I made him for you and you are whose souls I’ve made for each other”. Would that be perfect? ❤ It’s a beautiful feeling to know that while I’m praying for someone, someone is praying for me, too.


4. Proverbs 19:21. “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.”

There are things happening in our lives way beyond our understanding. We always say that “there’s a purpose why this and why that happened.” Until such “purpose” is determined, we often plan stuff on our own, not seeking God’s will. This takes us to choices and verdicts that fail and fall short of what’s really best for us. Remember Jeremiah 29:11. In planning our future, we must bear in mind that before we are born, God had already planned the finest life He will give us. He has no other aspiration but to give the best to us.


Yes, somehow, this age I am right now is part of the marrying age-range. My batchmates, if not yet married and have kids, are having their long-time boyfriends/ girlfriends. I admit, I got pressured BEFORE (with emphasis *wink*) on how and when my time will come. I got to compare myself to my siblings and asked why I’m such a divergent from the line. Btw, at 26, my eldest Ate got married to her first beau after 10 years of dating. My next ate is at their 12 years now, with her first boyfriend, too. Imagine that? How ideal for the 2 of them yet here I am, waiting still.

Planning on my own before, I wanted to settle down at 27 or 28. But looking at myself right now, there’s truly a reason why I should not! 😀 I still feel I’m young. I want to do and explore things. I want to be with someone I can share the same interests and who support my dreams, just as like I’m willing to support his. I believe God will send another soul to match what my soul also yearns. I trust Him to work amazingly ‘coz He is the God that’s full of beautiful surprises.

There’s a reason why God makes me wait.. a good reason, that is. I fully trust how He works because His will, way and timing are always perfect. I am an imperfect person but He will make everything just right if I submit my whole being to His plans.


5. Proverbs 31:30. “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”

Time flies fast. Our youthful years are short-lived and so our beauty is ephemeral. As we may like it or not, we age and we grow old. What we may find beautiful in our physical selves now will eventually perish. Ladies, we shouldn’t please men based on the outside beauties we possess. We must attract them through our hearts and inspire them through our minds. It is true that good looks make any man turn his head to you but it takes a beautiful heart and character to touch his soul. If they love us because of our charms, how can they love us years from now when such prettiness is gone? We should focus ourselves in building our character and set being virtuous and righteous as our goal.


Instead of finding “the right man”, why shouldn’t we make ourselves “the right woman”? God matches His children rightfully. You only deserve the best if you’re also the best version for him. God has someone already created for us. He will provide that in His time. Remember that God loves His daughters. The love between a father and his daughter is so great; a father will do everything for his precious daughter. This is one of God’s promises and let’s keep on holding on to that promise.


To the one reading this:

Continue praying for His will be aligned with your heart’s desires. Keep the faith, a good and firm one. He knows what and who’s best for you. Heart strong! ❤



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