5 Tips to Maximize the Fun in Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan is one of the sought-after destinations for Japan’s tourists, even citizens. USJ is the 1st theme park under Universal Studios brand and is the most visited amusement park in the country after Tokyo Disney Resort. As for my friends in the Philippines, one reason they wanted to visit The Park is because of the presence of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter that will really make one feel nostalgic of the 1st Harry Potter movie watched, and HP series book read.


Oftentimes than not, theme parks don’t appeal to me as it becomes too crowded and every ride or attraction has never-ending line just to get inside. “No pain, no gain” as they say. But thanks to my sister, we had a family trip in USJ that’s not too tiring and worth to recommend.

(Disclaimer: This is not a budget-friendly post yet it will guarantee smooth and hassle-free tour. ^^, )


01. Allot two days in your itinerary solely for USJ.

There are numerous attractions worth to try in The Park and I tell you that you can’t have it all in the same day (even the major ones). As Japan is known for efficiency, the line in every ride/attraction seems still endless due to the unlimited visitors USJ has, even on weekdays. Thus, spending 2 days here will save you from growing white hair and wrinkles due to stress if rushing things in 1 day.


02. Purchase “Express Pass” for your first day.

Express pass requires you to pay more, and aside from the entry-ticket. However, it will really save you so much time and energy if you do avail one. I truly felt the convenience it brought us during our visit. I felt so VIP, getting inside within 5 minutes time compared to the 200 mins waiting time for some attractions i.e., Hollywood Dream, The Flying Dinosaur, Space Fantasy.



03. Spend your night in one of USJ-affiliated hotels.

As support for my first 2 tips, yes, get your feet and heart rested in one of The Park’s affiliated hotels. These hotels are just steps away and will give you more sleeping time for the next day’s another set of fun and happiness. We spent our night in Hotel Keihan, just few steps away from USJ’s main gate and train station. From doing so, we availed an “early park-in” for our next day’s entry which really helped us getting inside first other than the others. O db? VIP na VIP. 😀 There are other freebies and benefits also that you can avail if you choose them.

One of the freebies. This is actually priced @ JPY1,200 but we got it for FREE! 🙂

04. Know your priorities.

Who shouldn’t? Everyone must! (Haha! With emphasis! You can’t do and have everything at once, dude! Hugot 101) Anyways, yes, know what you really wanted to prioritize of the rides/show attractions. Every person has its own preference and that should be considered. One likes adrenaline-pumping rides while the other wants to be entertained brought by 3D and 4D tech, or maybe street shows are enough for him/her. Research what’s best for you and plan your 2-day schedule. Please visit Universal Studio Japan site for more info.  Also, start early. “The early bird catches the worm” saying is true for this.

05. Arrange your USJ trip with a travel agency.

My eldest sister took full charge on the bookings and arrangements for the 4 of us. We paid them JPY60,750 (around Php27,350) each. Expensive, right? :/ (For those who’ll react that the amount can already bring you to other countries, which is actually right, I would just like to remind you that Japan is one of the most expensive countries to visit.) But the ease it brought us for the 2-day fun is worth the price actually. Such amount covers the 2 days entry to The Park, Express 7 (express pass for 7 attractions), overnight hotel accommodation in Hotel Keihan, Shinkansen from Nagoya to Shin-osaka, regular train from Shin-osaka to Universal City station and vice versa. Oh, if you want to ask, my sister booked all of these with JTB Travel. Sometimes, in this world, intangible things (i.e., comfort and convenience) are pricier than those tangible ones. 😀 Having fun is the best revenge you could give to your heartache for paying such amount. ❤


Enjoy and have fun!

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