To The One I Miss Everyday

“Decency, honesty, reliability, honour, dignity, respect: these are all qualities that my father not only held in high esteem, but practiced every day during his time on this earth. He was a serious and disciplined man, but he could never resist the opportunity to have a laugh with friends and loved ones, given half the chance.”

Papa was a straightforward man who demanded little from those around him. But straightforward as he was, I never seen my Papa had a fight with anyone. He may be impatient at times and lose his temper at once, yet, he chose to stay silent and hold to his principle instead of  having a senseless argument and gain an enemy.

He had an inherent ability to listen, to absorb and to offer a point of view based on quiet, measured wisdom. It’s evidential on his wake how he had lived his life and how he was given by the Creator a helping hand and open heart to those in need. It’s obvious from those tears shed from family, relatives and friends how fruitful his life was and how he wonderfully touched each person he met. He was an imposing figure whose reassuring presence we all felt during difficult times.

Papa and mama were a tandem. Their partnership was an epitome of not-perfect-but-amazing-marriage. They married young – at age 21– and remained happily together for over quarter a century. That was when “til death do us part” vow they’ve shared did its part in marriage.
They may argue at some point of the raging temper whenever they didn’t have the same belief over certain things, but never did I see my Papa raise his hand and release the tension and his anger thru hurting Mama. Never did I hear him throw curses to mama. Just like a true gentleman should be. Just like an ideal husband should be. Thank you papa for letting me believe that a man like you is worth the wait. You were and will always be my standard.
Papa was really a taciturn man. It seemed that expression of love thru words was so elusive to him. I remember mama tend to be sulking over birthdays and anniversaries left as if unremembered by papa. But amazingly, he never forgot to have a native chicken soup ready to serve as our dinner during our birthdays. That’s how papa wanted to express his love and affection, in mysterious and silent ways. Despite his unfathomable ways sometimes, we understood his personality and that he was made that way. Despite his unique expression of love, we never doubted his profound love reserve specially for us. Papa was very capable of having a big heart and giving enormous love. Even on his hospital bed, his heart was the last one to give up. It made me realize that papa had a strong heart leaving a mark to us that we will always be in his heart. He was an ordinary person with a big heart. I love you papa.
When I think back to my earliest memories of my Father, I remember this tall, dark and handsome man that never wanted to lose his sight on his children. He was quite a disciplinarian but even I was still on my innocent years, I understood. He was consistent on his values and his love for us. He stood to those what he believed that were best for us.
He was more happy in simple things and blessings. His desires were simple. His selfless persona was obvious. His contentment and simplicity was evident in his modest living. His life choices were pretty impressive. He was really exemplary.
 For those times na ginalubong nimo among lampin kay di ka gusto manlaba. I love you.
For those times na ginasung-ay ko nimo sa imong liog kay ubanon ko nimo sa Tancing. I love you.
For those times na hatud-sundo ko nimo sa kinder kay para di ko makapamayabas. I love you.
For those times na ikaw lang jud mugupit sa among buhok na mura mig egyptian with those signature bangs until grade 4. I love you.
For those times na bunalan mi nimo sa imong bakus kay nagaway mi magigsuon. I love you.
For those times na mas bunalan ko nimo kay ako man ang pinakadugay muundang ug hilak. I love you.
For those times na taparan ko nimo pagbuntag para hilut-hiloton akong ilong para mutaas. Bisan lisngag, salamat sa taas na ilong. I love you.
For those times na patulugon ko nimo when i got home from kinder school tapad jud sa imo and didto ko sa wall side para dili ko mahulog and dili ko kaikyas. I love you.
For those times na muigham lang ka kung maglalis mi during dinner and muhilum dayon mi right after because we respect you that much. I love you.
For those times you showed your support in our studies by helping us on our projects that needed your expertise which is drawing. I love you.
For those times you showed your protecting father instinct when Ate struggled in highschool and me having my own issues in college. I love you.
For those times your pride was so evident thru your precious smiles during our recognition and graduation days. I love you.
For those times your generosity was so enormous that even my friends would say im so lucky God has given me a father like you. I love you.
For those times you never questioned our chosen courses in college and sa paghinay2 nimo na maningkamot para masugakod nimo among pagskwela, together with mama, bisan wala tay Japan. I love you.
For those times you showed me how influential person you were to other people by being a peacekeeper during fights. I love you.
For those times you thought us how we shouldn’t be materialistic, and learn the values of saving for future cases and unprepared situations. I love you.
For those times I believed in love because I grew up seeing how you really love mama and how faithful you’ve been as a partner. I love you.
For those times you never failed to show how loved we are by you. I wont say “we were” because i know even you’re now in heaven, you still do. I love you.
🎶Papa, sa iyong paglisan, ang tanging pabaon ko ay pag-ibig.🎶
Papa lived a good life. He respected and cherished us all, and held to old-fashioned values which helped make me the person I am today. I will always be thankful for the influence he had on my life while growing up, and the lasting memories he shared with us. He had my respect and my love, and he will always have. It’s difficult  to imagine him not being around and I’m not sure how we will all cope. We will surely miss him, without any doubt.
Thank you Lord for giving me the opportunity of meeting a man named Jonie Ponpon. And as a bonus, you had given him to me to be my papa. A papa like no other. A papa that will never be replaced in my heart.
Pa, wherever you are right now, please know I’m so proud of you. Thank you for the steadfast love and protection. Thank you for the values, principles and beliefs passed unto us. What had happened, of you being gone too early and fast may make us sad and mourn until I don’t know when but please don’t worry. Kaya ug kayanon namo ni. We’ll take care of mama. I love you and I love you.

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