Travel Guide to Sagada | Kiltepan Sunrise Viewing

Remember the scene where JM brought Angelica P. To shout her heart out after being hurt and left out by her ex-boyfriend? Then, this is the perfect place to reconsider being hurt again by the one you thought who would never hurt you. Pero chos lang! Hahaha


Mt. Kiltepan is around three and a half km from the town center. The spot is famous for viewing amazing sunrise when in Sagada. (Another #chasingsunrise I did.) It’s kinda hard to wake up at an early hour after a day of strenuous activities; however, seeing the sun rising up behind the mountains of Cordillera and over the sea of clouds’ horizon was really rewarding. It would make you regret if you hadn’t wakened early and witnessed this impressive view.




Click the following links for more travel guides to Sagada:

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There’s more in Sagada to see; thus, there’s always a reason to go back.

Enjoy and have fun!

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