Travel Guide to Sagada | Bomod-ok Falls

Bomod-ok Falls

This experience was one-of-a-kind. The trek was descending and ascending in between the mountains of Sagada (even after we just conquered Sumaguing without rest) to see this breathtaking falls.  It was almost noon time when we started the trek; it was sunny then. So I just imagined how can I protect my skin from burning when I had no sunblock lotion and umbrella to use. Good thing I brought my scarf with me, it somehow ease the painful sensation brought by the scorching heat of the sun.



We trek almost an hour going down. The sticks lent to us were a big help to support our loooonnnggggg journey going there. We passed by the overwhelming views of Sagada rice terraces. We also passed by a small barangay and the local smiles were so welcoming. There was this kid who wanted to have high five with all of us, such a jolly persona. We had also seen a 90-year old lola who still did the farming on one of the terraces. She was apparently strong even at an old age.


We passed by this hanging bridge (over river) but we didn’t actually cross it.

And more tiring steps, and viola! Bomod-ok Falls struck me with its unspoiled beauty.


Going back up was the most exhausting trek I ever had. Maybe because my muscles didn’t prepare enough and that one was beyond expectation. Wew! We went up a rocky trail alongside a river. I can’t explain how my knees almost gave up before reaching the highway above. My heart was beating fast; I thought I would be dealing another hyperventilation in my life. Gladly, I didn’t. As I said, this trek was really exhausting; but when you see the falls yourself, each muscle pain was still cringeworthy.

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Enjoy and have fun!

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