1D Bukidnon: Dahilayan Forest Park

Aside from the thrilling rides the adventure park offers, Brgy Dahilayan also has another nature park that can cater what might each family member wants to experience and try while in Bukidnon. Dahilayan Forest Park is just a 5-min walk from the adventure park. Upon exiting the latter, there are signages that show the directions towards the former. Thus, getting lost is not an excuse on not getting there.  🙂



Dahilayan Forest Park has an entrance fee; Php100 for adults while P50 for children aged 10 and below. They don’t issue tickets. Instead, they stamp their logo at the back of your hand palm. We got inside just in time for lunch; so we ordered our food from their restaurant just on the left side of the entrance gate. You can have your lunch, if you have baon, on their wooden bench and tables located in between pine trees (for a minimal charge). We didn’t bring any for our lunch meal so we opted to sit inside their resto.  I forgot to take a picture of their menu as I’ve been busy with my stomach calling for its refill. However, I can remember as I scanned that their prices range from P105-400. The food were finely cooked and recommendable.

This park has many activities to choose from. From playgrounds and ropes course for kids (even for grown-ups); luge, ATV and buggy rides for teens; and even just chilling, walking and feeling the cold weather as if you’re in Baguio City will surely bring relaxation and tranquility to your soul.


We didn’t have the chance to try all the amenities because aside from being costly, we still have to leave the place before 3PM. So, what I can share to you thoroughly is the experience we had riding in an ATV and buggy ride.

Rough driver mode on. 😀

You are only allowed to drive these rides when you’re 18 years old and above. So if you want to join the adventure but still a minor, you can only be a passenger in the buggy car. Too sad, huh? And by that, better visit or revisit the place when you reach 18. 😛

Driving the buggy car in a 3.5-kilometer rough terrain course was not easy as it seemed. Aside from the dusts that may hinder your sight from seeing the road, big chunks of rocks were also scattered at every part you’ll pass. You should be cautious in turning the steering wheel back and forth when you pass through a very large piece of rock. You must be very careful too in driving the ATV if you’re not used to drive a motorcycle (that’s why I choose to drive the buggy). Believe me, the course was really not easy for first time motorcycle drivers even it’s a four-wheeled ride. Even so, from accelerating-up-on-a-very-narrow-part to not-losing-your-brake-going-down-a-rocky-cliff, I would love to drive through that again!:D

That’s me getting ahead of the gang 🙂


Focus, focus, focus! Hahaha


Unfortunately, my sister got some misfortune driving the ATV. She transferred to the other buggy car halfway to finish line.

For Php1,000, you can drive the buggy car (good for 2); and Php800 for the ATV (1 person only).

So when you get a chance to visit Cagayan de Oro or Davao City, gain some adventurous memories to cherish for a lifetime by taking a sidetrip to Bukidnon.

Note: Prices may change without prior notice so better visit their website at www.dahilayanforestpark.com.

Enjoy and have fun!

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