1D Bukidnon: Dahilayan Adventure Park

Do you want to experience flying 4500’ above sea level? Or do you want to feel an adrenaline pumping ride while being swung like a pendulum? Or do you want to be familiar how to be on a roller coaster ride in between pine trees? Read on as I share to you my recent experience at Mindanao’s favourite extreme playground, the Dahilayan Adventure Park.


Dahilayan Adventure Park (the Park) is one great destination if you are looking for extreme outdoor activities that suit to all ages. It is visited by thousands of adventure-seeking enthusiasts every year amidst the distance and rough ride one will encounter along the way. The Park promises an enjoyable and fun-filled experience to everyone – adventurers, nature lovers or even to those who just want to relax and get away from their busy lives in the cities.

Dahilayan Adventure Park offers the following rides:

  • Asia’s 1st Longest Zipline (Php600). The Park boasts this 840m zipline and lets you fly at 60-80kph speed. Zipriders are transported via 4WD Safari Cruiser to a launch tower at 4500’ ASL.


My photo souvenir during my Asia’s 1st longest zipline experience.

  • Zipline 320M + 150M (Php250). The Park offers you to try this two (2) training zipline rides to equip you for the Asia’s 1st longest.


The company getting ready for 320M + 150M rides. 🙂


  • Dropzone Freefall (Single-Php500; Tandem-Php750). This  features a 120 ft freefall into a manmade lake, the Philippines’ 1st extreme pendulum swing of its kind. The staff will let you choose at which point of the tower you would like to be dropped from.

imageI wouldn’t permit being dropped from the highest point if I wouldn’t take the ride with my sister. Haha! Adventurous as she is and altophobic as I am. Your stomach will turn upside down, believe me. I kept on shouting while being swung downwards. 😀


  • Flying Lizard Canopy Glider (Php250).  This canopy glider moves thru trees, crawls along vines, and zips between tree trunks while you pedal along a high wire.
  • Ropes Course (Php200). This helps to build your confidence level and learn teamwork at their Tower of Power Ropes Course, a 12-stage High and Low Wire obstacle course completed with a multisided rockwall.
  • Python Roller Zipride (Php300). Zip, rattle, roll, drop, swing and bounce over 500 meters, Asia’s first zipline roller coaster.


  • Sky Tower Base Jump (Php400). This is the highest parajump in the Philippines using a cell site tower, an 8-storey platform. Riders experience a split second free fall followed bu a gradual descent, ending in a soft landing in less than 10 seconds.

The Park also offers zip packages as follows:

Park’s pamphlet as at February 2016.

We chose to avail Zipchallenge package at Php1,000 each since ropes course may take time to finish and we still have to visit the Forest Park in the afternoon.

Note: Prices may change without prior notice so better visit their website at www.dahilayanadventurepark.com comes planning time.

Enjoy and have fun!

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