Palawan: The Most Beautiful Island

Do you want to visit a Philippine province that can naturally boasts their own land due to its numerous extraordinary scenic wonders? Do you want to experience a paradise where water resources are among the best in the world? Or as a person who is in awe of God’s amazing designing talents, wants to explore and enjoy every piece nature can offer? Then, the province of Palawan is the place to be.

Palawan as the largest province in the country in terms of land area never failed to maximize their blessings in rich resources to promote tourism (without compromising the preservation of these wonders, of course). Every tourist spots they offer is worth your stay and appreciation. Here are some Palawan facts you might want to know when you decide to visit this beautiful province:

  • Geography. Palawan is southwest of Manila, approximately 586 km. It has Mindoro Island on the north, Borneo on the south, China Sea on the west and Sulu Sea on the east.
  • Climate. It has two types of climate. The first has its northern and southern extremities and the entire western coast having six months dry and six months wet. The other, which affects mostly the eastern coast has one to three months dry season and no pronounced rainy period for the rest of the year. I know this is the first thing you want to know as a traveler — the best time to visit. Well, try to book your plane tickets having travel dates between December to March, months which are after the rainy season and just before the hot season.
  • Language and Dialects. Worry not, mostly Palaweños can speak Tagalog and English although they have 52 dialects.


For 3D3N stay, you can follow this simple itinerary:

Day01: Travel from you own place/city; travel from Puerto Prinsesa to El Nido

Day02: El Nido Island Hopping

Day03: Puerto Prinsesa Tour (Underground River; Ugong Rock; Rancho Sta. Monica)


Enjoy and have fun! 


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